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Monster 4x4: Masters of Metal

Unlock Moon Level in training menu

Get all fifty bonus stars on each offroad track.

Unlock Bonus Trucks

Clear the Championship Tour to unlock eight bonus trucks in addition to the normal ones.

Longest Journey

Fixing the machine outside of the Border House

First you must fix the broken wires, then arrange the switches in the lower right in identical settings, then turn the valve to empty the water tank, then turn the wheel, take the clamp and voila!

Wacky Races

All tracks

Enter "CHIMPGIVEAWAY" at the cheat code screen.

All gadgets

Enter "GADGETDEAROUT" at the cheat code screen.

All cars

Enter "MONKEYSPOILERS" at the cheat code screen.

Kid mode

Enter "THOSEWACKYKIDS" at the cheat code screen.
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