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Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask

New game plus

Successfully complete the game and save it when prompted. Start another game and get to the point where you are at Kaede's village. When you find the cat there, you will be given your character's stats from the completed game.

Shark Tale

Replace all Pearls with Fish King coins

At any level where you can obtain pearls, press "Select" to show the controller guide, then hold L1 and enter: Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle.

Le Mans 24 Hours

All Tracks

Enter your name as: SPEEDY

All Cars

Enter your name as: ACO

All Championships

Enter your name as: NUMBAT

Le Mans Mode

Enter your name as: WOMBAT

View Credits

Enter your name as: HEINEY
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