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Gallery mode

Collect the Sorceress kiss at the end of each level. Seat each of the four kisses to a power-up position. Once the game is completed, the art gallery will be unlocked.

Mastery Mode

If you complete the game the game with 100% mastery you unlock Master Mode.

DTM Race Driver

Better damage

Go to options, then go to "Enter Bonus Code", when you're there type the word DAMAGE.

Realistic handling

You have to go to the bonus section at the game-options at the part "Enter Bonus Code", when you're there type the word SIM.

Ford Racing 2

All Cars

Name your driver gimmegimme.

Unlock Super Mustang

Play the Stock Car level. When driving past a certain speed, you will hear a sound that will confirm that the Super Mustang has been unlocked.
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