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F1 Career Challenge

Advice on first drive

Pick the Sauber drive out of the 3 (prost, benneton and sauber) the sauber is the faster car and the teammate is weaker than benneton (fisichella as in real life is obsurdley fast) which will allow you to build up your reputation.

Dragon Quest 5

Completion Bonus

Successfully complete the game and save the game when prompted. Load the cleared saved game, then cast the Ruura spell and go to Evil Mountain. However, instead of entering Evil Mountain, move south to the poisonous swamp to enter a bonus dungeon.

Inuyasha: The Secret of the Cursed Mask

New game plus

Successfully complete the game and save it when prompted. Start another game and get to the point where you are at Kaede's village. When you find the cat there, you will be given your character's stats from the completed game.
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