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LMA Manager 2005


Type in these codes below in the enter manager section on LMa Manager 2005. LMA2005A LMA2005B LMA2005MA LMA2005MB LMA2005MC These cheats include Helium shouts and bass shouts, more money, and healing hands.

Soccer America International Cup

All-Star teams

At the Press Start screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Left, X, Circle.

Goals in on corner kick

Hold Circle when you do the corner kick, then keep tapping Square. The ball will most likely go in.

ESPN College Hoops


Win a dunk contest against the CPU.

Keeping very good players

If you have a very good player on your team in season or dynasty mode, go into "Rosters" on the season menu and select "Edit Player". Then, change his year to a freshman.
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