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Beat Mania 2 DX 6th Style

Cheat mode

Select arcade mode and complete the following songs in order: Yesterday, A New Morning and, Night Of Fire. Get a high score, then enter 2DX6 at the high score screen. Continue after the ending credits and all options will be unlocked.

King of Route 66, The

Receive Medals

In the Mini Games, complete the challenges, to receive the medals for the medal case.

Queens In Bikinis

Get a gold medal in all eight mini-games to have the Queens of the various states wear bikinis during the King of Route 66 Disco.

Reign of Fire

Dragon Levels

Beat six human levels to unlock Dragon levels.

Beat the last level

Go to where the last dragon is on the map and kill it first. Take the egg and kill the second dragon. Kill the last dragon, that way you can get to the base before time runs out.
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